augustine's birthday | birth photography | detroit, michigan

When Vanessa invited me to capture her birth, I was counting down the days till that babe was born. Being part of such an intimate occasion was such an honor!

On that winter afternoon, she let me know when she was pretty certain labor pains had begun. It was only a mere 4 hours later that Augustine arrived! All 9 pounds 4 ounces of him! It was such a whirlwind and I’m so impressed with the female body. Vanessa, you are a warrior. I’m so proud of you!

Vanessa was kind enough to write a testimonial:

“I am so thankful to Amanda for being present at Auggie’s birth, one of life’s most precious moments. After my births, since my brain is usually in a fog along with sleepless nights and visitors, I can sort of lose the memories. These photos capture the intensity and emotion of such a sacred moment. I'm able to look back at these photos in such awe and emotion, especially as I write my birth story and begin to remember details that  I couldn't have without the pictures. This is my last baby and I only wish I could've had such a beautiful and detailed memory as I do now with Auggie’s photos. For this, I am forever thankful. Thank you for the gorgeous photos Amanda! Thanks for shooting Auggies birth announcement, maternity photos, birth & newborn photos (what a journey). Thanks for having mimosas ready for two sleepy parents as we came with our troops for family photos ;) you're the best!”

Thank you to this family for letting me capture such a special occasion, and for being gracious enough to encourage me to share it here!

This year has been full of new and exciting things for my business— first, the studio, and now, an obsession with birth photography! ;) Thank you for all of your support, friends! If birth photos are your thing and you live in the Detroit area, I’d love to be considered to capture your birth story!