augustine palmer | newborn | detroit, michigan

On his 4 week birthday, I’d love to introduce you to Auggie! Or Augustine Palmer, more properly. I had a blast having him and his adoring siblings and hero parents in my studio— my biggest group yet, at 8!

come back soon, simkins!



uresk family | casper, wyoming

One of my favorite things about traveling and having family and loved ones who live all over the globe is that I get to take my passion for photography with me and connect with others in a way that I definitely wouldn’t otherwise. If you’ve been following along for a while, you already know this about me. But it’s worth noting again. My favorite part-- I feel so loved and energized through the whole process: while my family/friend is getting the word out of my future travels to potential clients, encouraging them to trust me; reconnecting with friends I’ve met solely because of photography, who desire to get portraits again; actually meeting up with said friends and photographing them; getting their feedback and staying connected as I get their images ready for delivery...the list goes on. 

Yep, even this introverted soul loves connection and our human need for it. 

All that to say, I’m so thankful for Bree and her family, who are displayed in the photographs that follow. She has been a treasured friend and colleague to my mom since some of family moved to Wyoming a couple of years ago— it seems like we’ve known them way longer! Bree has even entrusted my mom with the role of “Grandma Beth” to her littles. It makes my heart sing to witness their connection and the numerous ways God has filled needs in their lives with simply the existence of each other. 

Thank you Uresk family for your love. And your cuteness. Goodness, you are cute together. 



hey! you made it to the end of one of my longest blogposts-- thanks for scrolling through, friend!



elodie jo | newborn | traverse city, michigan

When I first met Jen, I had known of her for quite some time, but we never crossed paths. When a dear, mutual friend was getting married, we officially met in all the pre-wedding festivities and were instant friends. You know when you meet someone, and you feel like you've known them forever? That's Jen for me. So each time I've spent time with her since then, it feels like old friends reconnecting.

As you can imagine, when she asked me to capture her daughter as a newborn, I was over the moon. A chance to hang AND photograph Elodie? Yes please. 

One thing is for sure, these three belong in front of the camera. Thank you, Andersons, for the authenticity and joy you brought to this session. 



the gray family | ann arbor, michigan

Today I'm taking an editing break for a long overdue blogpost! This session had so many images I wanted to share, so making time to share here was a must in my book. 

The Gray family is so. much. fun. to be with, and Lucy is a precious little soul who loves to smile and laugh, which translated extremely well for their photographs. 

As always, it is THE BEST to reconnect with returning clients + friends. Thank you Kristine for trusting me again for your family photos! It's an honor and privilege! Enjoy these sweet images. 



shane alexander | 8 months | clinton twp, michigan

This blogpost was very much not planned, but while editing these photos, I just couldn't help but share. I've edited these images in black and white-- I feel this session is captured perfectly that way. I can't really explain it but I'm hoping you see it too!

Shane was seriously serious, and threw in some smiles for the camera {or maybe it was the swinging...or daddy talking to him!}. 

I'm excited to share these photographs and I hope you love them too. Joe and Kristy, enjoy this sneak peak-- your images are coming soon!



evie k at six months | ann arbor, michigan

One of my favorite sessions from the last month is this one right here. 

Evie K was so so sweet, smiley and giggly for the camera. She loved grabbing her feet, as you'll see, and showing off her big blue eyes. We met in the peony garden at the Nicholas Arboretum and took advantage of the hot day and green backdrop. Seeing my clients' littles grow is such a joy, and being trusted to document it is something I cherish. 

Enjoy these sweet moments.

Thanks for stopping by!



clare | newborn | detroit, michigan

At just one week old, I met Clare. 

I'll keep this post light on words and heavy on pictures because choosing which images to share here on the blog was no easy task— so much to love. 

Rachel and Andrew, you created a beauty. I’m so happy that God made you Clare's parents. He couldn’t have picked a more loving duo to bring her into this world! Thanks for sharing her with me!

the sosnoski family | detroit, mi

whoa, I haven't blogged since January! If I'm honest, the rain and sleet and gray and general winter-ness got me down. Also sick children, sick self, and teething. Oh, baby teeth, why must you disrupt my sanity so much?!

But this past weekend and into this week, it has been sunny and warm and all around GOOD here in Detroit. Whew.

I'm sharing a session from the fall with you because I didn't get the chance to share it in the {delightful} busyness of fall sessions, I adore the lovely people in these photos, and I feel like they must be shared, even if delayed.

This family brings me so much joy. They hold an extra special place in my heart-- I used to be Natalie's nanny when she was just a little babe... she's five now and I can't quite believe it! They are some of the most generous people I've ever known and they care deeply for their friends. God knew I needed them in my life. 

We chose the DIA as a backdrop for their session, and I can't wait to shoot there again. Enjoy!

All this beautiful weather has me excited for spring and itching to get outside... SO the first 3 people who contact me and mention this blogpost upon booking will get $25 off their one hour session! I can't wait to hang with you!



shane alexander | newborn | clinton township, michigan

On Christmas Eve Eve, I had the privilege of meeting Shane. He was only ten days new! But his parents and I go way back, thanks to my husband. {sidenote-- does anyone else's significant other provide them with stellar friends?? Mine does.}

I have many things I adore about close friends becoming parents-- their adorable babies {of course}, the ability to relate on another level, the kindred spirits in the chaos. But my favorite is the unexplainable transformation that occurs from the moment they become parents.

It wasn't long before these photos were taken that I took maternity photographs of Kristy, and spent some time with her and Joe. They were tired, anxious, very ready. Then, meeting them for the first time as parents, to see them with Shane, so in love with this little life-- it was beautiful. I was {am} giddy for them and what they have for their life ahead. Don't get me wrong-- they were tired, maybe anxious, figuring out all the new things. Parenting {aka sleep deprivation; caring for your heart that's now outside of your body; etc} is hard work! But now "Shane's parents" is a part of their identity, and it looks so good on them.

Shane, we adore you. Can't wait to watch you grow, little one. 

As always, thanks for looking, friends. I'd love to capture your milestones, too. Give me a shout! 

xo amanda

hello, clio | boston to detroit

Clio turned one!

I had the privilege of capturing darling Clio at 2 months old {see here!} and again one year old. She was the perfect little model, staring right at the camera, laughing and smiling on cue. It is clear she is a content little babe! 

Patricia and Nick, you are rocking this parenting thing. It's such an honor get to capture you and your precious little one! 

Happy New Year, friends! Thanks for following along in 2016-- cheers to more pretty photos and meaningful stories in 2017!

xo Amanda

The Francis Family {Royal Oak, MI}

Before you scroll down to see one of my latest sessions, I'd like to attempt to express my gratefulness to you, my reader, viewer, client, and/or friend. I'm in awe of your support of me and my business-- you guys, word of mouth is awesome and I'm so blessed with work because of you! So far, this fall has been THE BEST as I'm meeting new clients and sneaking in sessions with old friends. Seriously. Can I ask something of you? Keep it coming!

Thank you, again, because I love what I do and I get to do it because you are awesome.

Below, meet a family who I met through another family I photographed last year. Matthew, Tracy, and Josephine asked me to photograph their first family portraits and it turned out to be a beautiful day with perfect light. As you'll see, we laughed a lot; I really enjoyed this hour with new friends. Scroll away!

The Gray Family {Grosse Ile, MI}

The Gray Family is adorable. Enough said.

But of course I'll say more!

After lots and lots of rain we finally got a gorgeous day for this long awaited session, and we were so relieved! I've known Kristine since I was in college, and I witnessed her love and joy for children as an early childhood teacher. It was such a joy to see this love and joy spill out of her for her daughter Lucy. And Lucy is such a sweet, sweet 5 month old little lady.

Kristine and Tony wanted to include some other family members in this shoot and I felt that this gesture was very special, loving, and others-focused. What a pleasure it was to photograph this sweet little family! Enjoy!

Hannah {Detroit, MI}


Over the last nine months and during her senior year at Wayne State University, I had the privilege to get to know Hannah through our weekly coffee dates. The purpose was for her growth and support, but relationships are never one-sided. I learned a great deal through our time together. 

Through Hannah, I learned that the Holy Spirit leads with even the slightest of willingness on my part. I learned that I need Jesus more than I need myself, or anyone else. I learned that in order to give to others, I must seek Christ to fill me up.

Through Hannah, I experienced great joy. Things got messy, and we laughed and cried together.

Through Hannah, I was reminded that my limitations-- emotional, mental, physical, circumstantial -- are not limitations of the God Almighty. He reinforced over and over that in my weakness, He is strong. 

Also, did I mention she is beautiful?

Paul wrote to the Philippians something beautiful that resonates with me when I think of Hannah. "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." {Philippians 1:3-5}

My dear Hannah, the Lord has great plans for you. Thank you for letting me in on a tiny sliver of it.

The Nowaske Family {Birmingham, MI}

It’s spring! That means more sessions outdoors and that makes me really, really happy. Green grass and trees and new life blooming everywhere as the backdrop to portraits excites me. 

Carolyn and I became friends {through a dear friend} rather recently but I’d say we’ve quickly jumped into each others lives. When I had the opportunity to take photographs of her family, as usual, I was equally honored and nervous to attempt at this role for them. Honestly, I cannot get over how friends new and old continue to trust me with taking their photographs and I hope it never ends. As I am able {currently 32 weeks pregnant, and chasing around a toddler!}, Jesus continues to provide clients and new experiences that continue to bring me so much joy. I believe that work is GOOD. And I hope to never cease to recognize that all good things come from His gracious hands. 

With the light drastically more generous during this session than the others I’ve had recently, I felt much more free to capture candid moments without meticulously checking composition. It made for a very laid back session with the Carolyn, Jeff, Evan, and Joslyn, in which I gladly got to know them better as a family! 

Thank you Nowaskes for a lovely morning and for your friendship! 

And for those who continue to tune in to my photo sharing and personal thoughts about life currently {and those stopping by for the first time!}-- thanks a million. I'm genuinely open to feedback or encouragement or collaboration and I'd love to hear from you! Contact me here!

xo Amanda


Nicholas Ryan {Grosse Pointe, MI}

When I got the invitation to shoot this session with Stephanie, Ryan, and baby Niko, I was giddy, as always is the case when I get to do what I love. And let me tell you, I LOVE spending sweet time in a family's home, capturing them and their little one.

My favorite thing about this shoot was the thoughtfulness Stephanie put into it beforehand-- in a casual yet organized way, she knew what she wanted to include but let me take the reigns on just how that would happen. The heirloom crib was my favorite-- I mean, who has a crib that has been passed down in their family since the late 1800s? They do. And it was so special to capture little Niko in it, carrying on the tradition.

As you'll notice, there was a lot of baby yawns going on during this session...his parents assured me he isn't always this calm and relaxed, but what a perfect hour he chose! I hope they remember him this way. So much cuteness. Thank you Stephanie and Ryan for sharing your little one with me!



The Hullinger Family {Detroit, MI}

I'm throwing it back to a summertime session because this shoot came before I started the blog. The Hullinger Family was my first real family shoot, and let me tell you, they were the best gang for it. Not only did they provide me with honest and rich feedback, we laughed and learned and basically used the time to have fun-- which comes very easily with them.

The Hullinger Family is so so special to me. I try to spend time with them weekly for several reasons. To name a few-- my daughter is obsessed with Eli, their son; there is never a dull moment around them, which I love; Jen has a way of making me feel loved and known and valued; they love God and love people well. Doesn't get much more real than that.

This session was one of my favorites and I'm excited to share it with you! Thank you Jen and Will for trusting me to capture your beautiful family!

The Armstrong Family {Detroit, MI}

Life holds so much unpredictable richness I too often forget to embrace. 

When you meet someone, whether or not your futures are intricately intertwined is uncertain. If I'm honest, I don't think my present self thinks much about my future self in relation to many other people, outside of my husband and daughter. This was especially true in my freshman year of college, when I was meeting new people every day-- when I met Meghan. Little did I know, seven years later, I'd be living in a city I never knew I loved, surrounded by a community who loves Jesus and loves me, because of a dream God planted on Meghan's heart way before we even met. 

Kevin and Meghan, inspired by God, bravely lead a team to Detroit to plant a church on Wayne State's campus. God nudged about twenty others to join them and here we are, in our third year, growing and changing and striving to be the church God wants us to be. 

The morning of this session was so incredibly cold-- 35 degrees in October cold. But the sun was begging to be captured through the turning Boston Edison trees and the Armstrongs were unsurprisingly willing to brave it. Helping me behind the camera for laughs were Meghan's brother and his wife, who were visiting from out of town; they too effortlessly got behind the camera for a few shots!

Kevin, Meghan, Ellary, Faren, Immy, Evan, and Bronwen-- you are beautiful. It was a delight photographing you!

Debs {Detroit, MI}

I believe to be blessed is to have a relationship with Jesus. But I have to believe that, in addition, He gives us earthly blessings that can have eternal impact. Both undeserved, both incredible. Debby {Debs} is that to me. She is a soul friend who makes me feel known and loved.

And she surprised me with a visit this weekend for my birthday. Say what?!

Credit must be given to my husband for organizing the whole thing. His idea, his plan. To say I feel special is an understatement. He's the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debby's beauty is obviously striking. She is thoughtful, Godly, hardworking, and enjoys life fully. Photographing her was at first out of her comfort zone, but as time went on, we both had fun and I walked away inspired. I saw her shine out of her brokenness, be grateful for her blessings, laugh effortlessly, and embrace this season of her life. For her, I am thankful.  

{Shout out to Starbucks, Downtown Detroit, and The Giving Keys}

The Murphy Family {Rochester Hills, MI}

The Murphy Family reminded me of the opportunity I have to get to know people through photographing them. It's not only what I look forward to, but what makes this adventure worth it for me. They set aside time for me, invited me in to a tiny part of their life, and allowed me to attempt at capturing their personality-- and it was so fun! 

In our short evening together, I had the privilege of watching this family laugh together, parent bravely, love one another, run around joyfully, be serious, be goofy, and genuinely express themselves on the other side of the camera. I was impressed by the kids' willingness to participate, and appreciated their desire to be elsewhere so I could shoot them in action. 

Being entrusted with family photographs is such an honor. Wally, Allison, Owen, Joel, and Caitlin, thank you for your confidence in me. It was such a joy spending time with you!


Lincoln + Alana {Detroit, MI}

Carpool commute, dinner, garden, adventure-- not always in that order. This describes the typical late-summer evening for the Hoey Moore duo. The invitation to document their routine evening was everything my soul had been craving-- rich fellowship, good eats, and a golden sunset. 

Dinner was prepared by both, while I danced around them with the camera as a record played from the dining room. Their efforts were equally simple and beautiful as they chopped, fried, measured and cleaned. A meal I'd never tasted before quickly emerged; the three of us were ready to rest and enjoy it by the time it hit the table.

The garden belongs to Alana's parents; its beauty took me by surprise. But Lincoln and Alana looked at home as they went to work-- unashamedly I interrupted their harvesting for a few poses, anxious to document that moment, in that garden, in the dreamy golden sunlight. 

The bouquet, design beautifully by Lisa Waud of Pot & Box in Hamtramck, was a gift to Alana from Lincoln on the previous day, her birthday. Its presence added a romance to the evening I'd be okay never forgetting. 

To be honest, I'm new to this storytelling type of shoot and wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But a glimpse of the authentic love and richness in this ordinary evening can be found in these images, of which I hope Lincoln and Alana will forever treasure.