The Mason Family {Traverse City, MI}

Today's blogpost is light on the words because some days you've just gotta GET STUFF DONE.  For me, in between caring for my littles and staying caffeinated, that's edit and laundry and pack and more laundry.  T-minus 3 days until family vacation!

Enjoy the Mason Family's photos and the beautiful fall colors! And if you want to see how much baby Luke has changed, check out his newborn shoot from January!

The Pyle Family {Ann Arbor, MI}

Taking a break from editing {and chasing around my littles} to bring you images of this sweet family.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, mainly because of my birthday. But as I got older, it became more about the way hot coffee fit perfectly in my hand at all times of the day, the way the leaves change, and the sweaters. Oh, how I love sweaters! 

This year, it's the family photo sessions filling up my schedule that make fall my favorite. All the other things still apply. But this addition really takes the cake!

The Pyle Family just recently welcomed baby Justine into the family, and this sweet outdoor session with the new family of five was a lovely addition to my fall sessions. Now back to editing! 

The Parks Family {Seattle to Michigan}

Life can be oh so sweet.

I mean, quite often I get bogged down by chaos and turmoil and drama and crazy but then there are those times when I get to experience pure joy. And it tastes sweet to my soul. {I'm grateful, Jesus. I really am!}

Recently I had a much too short visit with a childhood friend who was visiting home from Seattle. She hired me weeks ago to capture her family photos, and I've been anticipating it ever since. It was such a privilege to be trusted with this task!

With two kids in 2.5 years, it's no surprise that Becca and Phil have a lot going on. But their calm and patience and joy as parents and to each other was such a treat to witness. The day grew even sweeter since our session took place at her grandparents' house on the street we both grew up on. I convinced my husband to join us with our two littles and it was so fun to all be together.

Becca and Phil-- you're girls are so gorgeous and sweet. You two rock. Thanks for the honor of capturing you all!

If we haven't connected yet about your fall photos, shoot me a note and we'll get it on the schedule!

The O Family {Ann Arbor, MI}

I lived in the same city {and went to the same church!} as this family for nearly five years, and we never met. Now, years later, they hired me to take their family photos and I'm bewildered as to why this was our first meeting! They are so admirable and loving and fun, I didn't want our time together to end.

Their session was on a welcomed warm October afternoon. Mid shoot, the seven of us had to take cover under a tree as it poured for several minutes. It took us all by surprise! But the gray cloud moved on and the sun even broke through for the last few minutes. It was the perfect day for the challenge of capturing six smiling faces at one time. 

After the shoot was my favorite-- like old friends, they wanted to treat me to frozen yogurt for driving all that way {!!!}. I of course couldn't pass that up and happily joined them. Getting to know them more was the best part. Thank you O Family for making me feel so loved! I'm so glad we finally met!

The Armstrong Family {Detroit, MI}

Life holds so much unpredictable richness I too often forget to embrace. 

When you meet someone, whether or not your futures are intricately intertwined is uncertain. If I'm honest, I don't think my present self thinks much about my future self in relation to many other people, outside of my husband and daughter. This was especially true in my freshman year of college, when I was meeting new people every day-- when I met Meghan. Little did I know, seven years later, I'd be living in a city I never knew I loved, surrounded by a community who loves Jesus and loves me, because of a dream God planted on Meghan's heart way before we even met. 

Kevin and Meghan, inspired by God, bravely lead a team to Detroit to plant a church on Wayne State's campus. God nudged about twenty others to join them and here we are, in our third year, growing and changing and striving to be the church God wants us to be. 

The morning of this session was so incredibly cold-- 35 degrees in October cold. But the sun was begging to be captured through the turning Boston Edison trees and the Armstrongs were unsurprisingly willing to brave it. Helping me behind the camera for laughs were Meghan's brother and his wife, who were visiting from out of town; they too effortlessly got behind the camera for a few shots!

Kevin, Meghan, Ellary, Faren, Immy, Evan, and Bronwen-- you are beautiful. It was a delight photographing you!