ellie ray | 10 weeks new | driggs, idaho

I think Idaho is the furthest I've traveled for a photo shoot? 

It may not have been why I went {it wasn't}. But I couldn't be around this cuteness and not document it. 

I was in Idaho this July was because I found myself within four hours {SLC with other dear friends!} of my dear friend Norah and I could not pass up the opportunity to spend 24 hours with her and her family, and to meet Ellie. So we took advantage of the situation and planned it. Being with them = pure joy. Our shared experiences go back to preschool, and now they include motherhood. Read: happy heart.

You may remember I photographed Norah and her new baby bump last Thanksgiving... here she is now with Ellie Ray, the sweetest little peanut who is the closest thing to a niece to me without actually being related. 

Ellie dear, I love you. Till the next time I get to kiss your cheeks and hug your mama, dear one.



Grayson James {Buckley, MI}


2016 surely has brought its share of infant photography for me-- and I absolutely love it. I found, in this last session, that I have much more confidence, allowing me to work more at ease and more out of my creativity. All while enjoying every minute. It's seriously so fun! I love this job.

Kenny and Summer have been our friends for years. I've known Summer since we were on opposing t-ball leagues {way way back} and Kenny since I met my {now} husband 11 years ago {they're besties}. When Summer and Kenny got together, it was a really really good thing. And I love spending time with them. Add little Grayson to the mix, and it gets even sweeter. 

For this session, my family spent the day with our new-parent-friends at their home {with our two year old... who kept waking poor Grayson up and asking, "pick him up?"... Let's just say I'm a little worried for June when her brother arrives!}. We snuck in pictures when Grayson was feeling especially photogenic-- aka rested and recently fed. As you will see, at four weeks old, he was calm and alert. Kenny and Summer just adore him, which is evident here. They are a trio I'd like to be around more. Enjoy their sweet photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here on the blog! If you'd like to learn more about booking a session, contact me here! I'd love the privilege of taking photos for you. xo - Amanda

Baby Clio {Boston to Michigan}

Lately I've had a {very welcomed} upsurge of newborn sessions, and anticipate more in the future {yay!}. Little Clio and her parents were visiting family in Rochester, Michigan, from Boston. I'm thankful for good friends and connections like this that keep me doing what I love. What's more, I'm thankful for the individuals who continue to trust me behind the camera. Honored, really.

Clio is a precious babe with personality and the strongest neck I've ever seen on an eight week old. She was content and sweet and loved looking at her mama. As it should be. 

Towards the end of our mini-session, Clio made it clear she was tuckered out and needed to catnap. With a little soothing from mom, she dozed off; her sweet face was peaceful and still content as she dreamed.  

I had more laughs in this mini session than I've had in a while-- thank you baby Clio for being so sweet, making me laugh, and reminding me of the squishy newborn joy the babe growing inside me is going to bring in just a few short months. 

Graceyn Lenore {Casper, WY}

Guys-- my niece is here. And she's every bit as beautiful, squishy, cuddly, and sweet as I hoped!

For a few months now, with their blessing, I've planned to visit my brother and sister-in-law soon after the arrival of sweet Graceyn. I'm thrilled that it worked out as it did; I made it here before she made it to three weeks old! Here I am, proudly watching them parent and watching her {mostly} sleep and make the best newborn silly faces you ever see. All while waiting for the perfect opportunity to document their little family.

One evening, just before the sun sunk behind the mountains, we scrambled around to capture the moments they'll {hopefully} remember fondly. I was beaming as I went through the photographs afterwards, and actually begged them to be my models for life. I mean, they photograph so well! These photos mean so much to me. Enjoy the highlights from this precious session.

Here's to parenthood and babies and airplanes that make five states away seem so much closer.