christensen family | vacation family photography | traverse city, michigan

This adorable family was planning to vacation in Traverse City this summer, and contacted me desiring a family session to document their time there. I thought it was such a clever idea! To approach something that you really desire, but might be stressful, and execute it while in relaxation mode on vacation! Andrea, you’re a genius. And it paid off, because we had so much fun running around on the beach and throwing rocks and shells in the water.

If I could do every session with this weather and this backdrop, I would. Thank you summer!



Mountains and Wildflowers {Casper, WY}

Sometimes, I take spontaneous vacations.

Most recently, I traveled alone with my two children {2.5 yrs and 2.5 months} to Casper, WY, to spend time with my mom, stepdad, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. I had been wanting to go visit them since my son was born, but didn't feel as though I had the courage to do it. One day, with some encouragement from my husband, I worked up the courage and bought the tickets to depart the following week. I went! And I survived! Mind you, I felt like I was losing my mind from all of the stares I got with two children in tow in the airport, but a screaming toddler kept me focused.

This trip was pure gold. Mainly because it meant unlimited time with my mom to do whatever we felt like most days. But also because I got to see a little sliver of life out west for my family and it reminded me that home is where the people you love are, and that can be in more than one place. 

Behind the camera is my happy place, and I enjoyed being able to capture nature and my kiddos candidly. I hope you enjoy this view, too. 

{Somehow not pictured are my sweet brother and his beautiful wife. Gah! Next time!}

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