Norah {Casper, Wyoming}

Ten minutes of laughter in the Wyoming sunset and we've added to our 25 year long, beloved catalog of memories. 

Living far away from Norah has now become part of my normal. Time together is always special and feels like home to me. 

Our spur of the moment decision to capture their growing family on Thanksgiving day resulted in exactly what I shoot for--  pretty images that speak loud with memories. Thank you Norah and Cody and Baby Kuhn for allowing me to get my photog-fix while on vacation and for continuing to foster friendship with me and my family from afar.

xoxo Amanda

Graceyn Lenore {Casper, WY}

Guys-- my niece is here. And she's every bit as beautiful, squishy, cuddly, and sweet as I hoped!

For a few months now, with their blessing, I've planned to visit my brother and sister-in-law soon after the arrival of sweet Graceyn. I'm thrilled that it worked out as it did; I made it here before she made it to three weeks old! Here I am, proudly watching them parent and watching her {mostly} sleep and make the best newborn silly faces you ever see. All while waiting for the perfect opportunity to document their little family.

One evening, just before the sun sunk behind the mountains, we scrambled around to capture the moments they'll {hopefully} remember fondly. I was beaming as I went through the photographs afterwards, and actually begged them to be my models for life. I mean, they photograph so well! These photos mean so much to me. Enjoy the highlights from this precious session.

Here's to parenthood and babies and airplanes that make five states away seem so much closer.